Life Balance

Balance in the imbalance

We live in a highly unstable world. It can be difficult to find your balance amid the chaos of everyday life. The people around us sometimes cause us to become unbalanced—whether directly, indirectly or through transference. Nutrition, pollution, politics, hyperconsumerism, pressure and hectic schedules also have an important effect on our degree of balance.

Life balance can be achieved through self-control, however chaotic our surroundings. Balance exists and we have to be able to find it all aspects of daily lives. Every living being naturally seeks to achieve balance. It is important for us to listen to this force that is rooted in our primitive instincts, and to determine whether we should act as an observer, a leader or a creator in relation to the processes that restore our balance.

Life balance also requires you to regulate your psychological, emotional and physical waves. These waves are simply the result of moments when you became unbalanced in the past. Whenever you engage in negative conversations driven by fear, worry, negative projection, etc., you reduce your chances of returning to a balanced life.

Also, that little toxic voice from your past can affect your future if you continue listening to it. But it will lose its power if you immerse yourself in the present moment and refuse to allow it to control you.

The balanced people

Each of us is responsible for cultivating joy in our lives and for sharing that joy with those around us.

1-Balanced people control their moods. They are driven by the strength of their commitment, not by their emotions. These are the people who do what they need to do, whatever the situation!

2- Balanced people are careful about what they say. They turn things over in the mind before speaking. They give themselves time to reflect and to draw on their wisdom. “Those who guard their lips preserve their lives.” (Proverb)

3- Balanced people temper their reactions. How long can you remain calm before becoming upset? “A person’s wisdom yields patience. It is to one’s glory to overlook an offence.” (Proverb)

4- Balanced people find harmony with time. If you neglect to organize your own time, you can be certain that others will do it for you. “Be sure to live your life carefully, and properly manage your time.” (Proverb)

5- Well-balanced people take great care of their health. This allows them to work with passion and to celebrate their accomplishments, while limiting distortions and disruptions.

You know that you have reached a form of balance when a wave of joy crosses you magically

If you are interested in realigning one of the essential components of your life balance—your mood, your words, your reactions, your time or your health—I offer the following workshops:

  • Life Balance
  • Regeneration
  • Brain
  • Your Best Self

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