Your Best Self

“Those who believe that something is impossible should not stand in the way of those who are trying to achieve it!”

Every one of our life experiences—whether we find it difficult or wonderful—moves us forward. Without falling into magical thinking, the more grateful we are, the more our consciousness expands. We are born to experiment and to discover our own identity. Too many people waste too much of their lives trying to find themselves.

We have had so many experiences, done so much reading, taken so many courses. So why have we not yet achieved this much better version of ourselves? We have no doubt forgotten to reflect on the past and draw the necessary conclusions. We have a big set of keys in our pocket, but we have forgotten what they are for.

First, you need to find the keys related to your experiences, in a healthy frequency. Then, you need to develop instructions that you can carefully follow in order to enhance your life.

“Whenever you are happy with something in your life, it is because right now, the conditions of your life match your blueprint.” — Anthony Robbins

A blueprint is a belief about how things should be in each area of your life (career, family, finances, etc.). When you decide what your life should be like and you move in that direction, you resonate with your blueprint.

The farther you stray from your blueprint, which corresponds to your original identity, the more often you will encounter difficult situations along your life path. You must have the desire to return to your blueprint by looking back on positive memories from your childhood.

We live in a hurried world, where we fell a pressing need to accomplish things. Too often, we forget that our wealth of knowledge matures through refinement, practice and discipline.

To become your best self, you need to be able to express yourself in an image, in feelings, in words…

Now, what steps do you need to take to get closer to becoming your best self? Here are some workshops that will provide you with some concrete solutions:

  • Your Best Self
  • Regeneration
  • Life Balance
  • Love

For example, what was your favourite thing to do when you were young? Now revisit the memories that resonate with your cells and reintroduce that frequency to your life.

If everyone resonated with their blueprint, we would always be in the right place and on the right frequency!

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