The power of the brain

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Why OPTIMIZE our brain? Because our brain is the organ that perceives, thinks, and acts, it gives SENSE and ALIGNMENT to our existence.

Your conscience remembers … you arrive with an already exceptional tool kit, you just need to reactivate your memories and bring your beautiful forest of neurons back their full potential!

Autumn 2021: The intuition Power of the Right Brain
Autumn 2021: Nourish your brain at all levels
Autumn 2021: Higher Consciousness and Your Gifts

« If you don’t experience anything new, nothing will change. To evolve your brain, allow it to experiment more.»

The Workshops are a series of 3 Coachings.

They can be booked individually
Saturday 8h30 – 12h30
Workshop = 75$ US – Materials included
Online Zoom

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Vend automne 2021

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