Retreat to Brazil


  • Luxury accommodation
  • Transshipments 
  • Health workshops and meditation sessions with all spiritual doctors.
  • Therapist sessions with Christine
  • Healthy foods 
  • Activities / excursions in the natural space;
    • Iguazú National Park, with an amazing energy
    • And Xotic Aves park
    • Buddhist center

* Does not include: Airfare and optional activities.

Price: $ 1,800


Since 2000, I am grateful to be able to work with great healers in Brazil. I have witnessed beautiful healing experiences that involve both the body and the soul. I have also looked for a place with enough energy that allows me to continue transmitting this healing force together with the doctors of light.

We will spend two wonderful weeks in a small town with a lot of energy, located in the heart of a site chosen as one of the new seven natural wonders of the world: the beautiful Iguazu Falls.

Whether your goal is to heal your body, heal your soul, or hone your inner path, this journey is for you. During our stay, we will participate in meditation moments and participate in therapy sessions. I will be there to serve as your guide. On Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, the Doctors of Light will conduct meditation sessions lasting between two and three hours. We will work to clear our blocks and heal our inner wounds, while experiencing moments of magic and relaxation. It is impossible to describe what happens between a group of travelers on a spiritual journey … Chemistry, unconditional love, support, healing and above all friends for life … You will never forget it!

We will have four days during the week to visit different wonders, including the Iguazu Falls, a Buddhist temple and a tropical jungle full of exotic animals. You can also reserve one or more rest days after your treatments. Our travels will be guided by forms of energy that are much larger than us. Get ready to take another step on your inner path!

It is essential to be well prepared for this trip. I will personally assist you with these preparations. Over the course of two weeks, I will guide you, interpret for you with all my love and experiences.

A true journey for your soul!


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