As long as she can remember, Christine has been seeking to understand the subtle worlds that she can perceive and that speak to her. While growing up, she was guided by shamans and healers who taught her the virtues of these other worlds. At the age of 23, she set out to further deepen her understanding of these forces.

She took a series of trips over the course of several years. She visited Brazil, India, the Philippines… always seeking out great healers and sages who could teach her how to master her being. Following these extensive travels, Christine began organizing and leading groups of visitors to these different countries in order to share her wonderful discoveries.

Having completed a degree in finance, she went to work for a well-known firm in Montreal. After a few years, she left her dream job to focus on her ongoing spiritual development. She began exploring two scientific fields related to the Earth and the environment, studying feng shui with the great masters and learning the fundamentals of geobiology. This led her to open a consulting firm, where she assisted people who faced problems with their living spaces and businesses. Able to identify the causes behind many of these issues, she found that she could be of great help to many people.

Remaining passionate about deepening her knowledge and wanting to provide even more assistance to others, Christine pursued studies in a variety of fields, including reiki, telepathic communication, DNA reprogramming, Ayurvedic medicine, and Philippine medicine. This led her to her greatest passion, the Lecher antenna, which became the focal point of her practice. Following a very precise scientific method, it allows her to interpret the vibrations present in different locations and surrounding human beings. This tool also allows her to confirm her intuitions and her visions in a very precise manner.

She continues to pursue her work with the Lecher antenna in the context of private health consultations, as well as through practising geobiology and feng shui. She developed a series of training courses that reflect everything she has learned through her studies and experiences, in order to assemble a team of therapists who also work with the Lecher antenna. She then opened an alternative medicine clinic along with several therapists who practise in a range of disciplines. She is particularly passionate about children, including those who live with autism, hyperactivity and other health issues.

Christine, a mother of two children, now lives with her family in Costa Rica, where she has the opportunity to develop and learn alongside shamans. She continues to train people in alternative medicine and to create new training courses and tools to support personal development. She organizes reenergizing trips in different countries and coaches people as they pursue their life path. She continues to seek out new opportunities for growth and for helping her fellow human beings find their way.

When you support your own development, you also help those around you. Everything comes from inside of us. The more we grow, the more we develop and the more others grow and develop when they come in contact with us. Become the inspiration that our world needs in order to transform itself!