Geobiology helps to correct the energy that surrounds us

A poorly designed or incorrectly oriented house can cause various health problems.
The earth influences life in all forms: human, animal and plant. Trees and animals can quickly reveal geobiological disturbances to us. The land, orientation, cosmo-telluric forces, materials, shapes, proportions and electromagnetic fields… create a vibrational environment that can be beneficial and/or harmful to our physical and mental health.

Geobiology influences your health and the health of your loved ones

Many of us spend 80% of our time inside buildings. A poorly designed, situated or oriented house can cause various health problems. Before building your home, make sure that your team; architect and builder is committed to delivering a healthy dwelling. They will respect the natural environment, the bioclimatic factors; sunshine, prevailing winds, rain, etc. Relevant networks groundwater, magnetic and telluric fields, while being mindful of the building materials being used.


Some disturbances can be very subtle and difficult to identify. There are, for example, historically charged places such as old battlefields or cemeteries, polluted verges, landfill sites. These places can emit highly disruptive energies, the cause coming from memories in the soil, stone or bedrock. Some disturbances act directly on the body and can cause chronic fatigue, insomnia, nightmares, loss of appetite. It has often been noticed that these two types of disturbances physical and energetic cumulate as if the place were generating more negative events.


In Geobiology different forms of pollution collect together or multiply in relation to each other. The earth releases the various forms of pollution by forming cosmo-telluric chimneys, which can cross a lived in place and affect the health of the habitants.

Second skin

We should not underestimate the health problems that can be linked to our man made environment. Our homes or workplaces are almost like a second skin to us. They are an integral part of our lives and many of us spend the majority of our time in these enclosed spaces. It is therefore almost inevitable that these places influence our health – both for the good when they have positive energies or for the bad as they can facilitate illness.


Disease will occur for a resident based on their level of resistance and sensitivity, hence their tolerance level. For example, in the same home and with the same underlying cause, one of the family member could develop a cancer, another could suffer from a heart attack and another could suffer from depression. An unhealthy place can cause health problems that develop over time; it is not like an illness that is triggered by a virus or a bacteria. Also, the nuisances are added to each other: thus, the harmfulness caused by the Curry and Hartman networks or by a cosmic energy distortion, will include the underground water currents and/or electrical pollution.

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