Lecher Antenna formation Level Four

Lecher Antenna Level 4 – Geobiology

The Level 4 Lecher antenna course focuses on learning about different aspects of geobiology and feng shui. It covers a variety of topics, including geopathogenic agents and remedies, Qi, the health of a living space, memories, water and air quality, etc. The training also covers a variety of tools and topics important for creating a healthy living space. This four-part course lasts a total of 48 hours.

Do I need to complete the three previous levels?

The prerequisites for this course are a good knowledge of the Lecher antenna and an openness to learning about other radiesthesia instruments. For those wishing to register for this course without having completed the Level 1 Lecher antenna training, we offer two days of basic training on different radiesthesia instruments.

What is geobiology 

Geobiology makes it possible to measure and correct a location’s various natural and artificial influence criteria, which affect the well-being and health of humans in their living environments.

Geobiology requires precision, regular practice and a well-developed sensitivity to Mother Earth. We will primarily learn to assess geopathogenic disturbances using the Lecher antenna, but I will also teach you to use other instruments.

Training Objectives

The goal is to train you in geobiology so you can diagnose a location’s energy and make any necessary corrections. The course includes both theoretical and practical components. Students will work on real cases and learn to assess issues of varying severity that can affect the “health” of a home and its inhabitants.

Geobiology is a complementary approach in alternative medicine, and students will be able to practise on client case studies at the end of the course. Learning geobiology requires a lot of practice, because each case is unique. This is also what makes it so fascinating!

Part 1

This module covers the basics of geobiology, allowing students to connect with subtle worlds in a more intuitive way. 

  • History of Geobiology
  • Observing the Natural Environment
  • Tools for Detecting Geopathogenic Disturbances
  • Water Vein and Water Quality Detection Techniques
  • Key Points for Determining the Ideal Location for a Well
  • Evaluating Qi in a Living Space
  • Practical Exercises for Connecting with the Earth

Part 2

Practical exercises will allow you to better connect with the world of energy and thereby understand the significance of the different forms of energy present in our living spaces.

  • Assessing Geopathogenic Disturbances
  • The Vibratory Rate of a Living Space—Strong and Weak Areas
  • Sleep Quality and Disruptions—Remedies
  • Fault Lines and Radon
  • Cosmo-telluric Chimneys
  • Positive and Negative Vortexes of a Location
  • Harmann and Curry Grids
  • Remedies for Each Type of Disruption

Part 3

This module explores the negative waves that surround us and that disrupt both our health and our living spaces. Many people have developed hypersensitivity to these different types of disruptive waves. We will learn about various instruments for improving and protecting a location.

  • Electromagnetism and Hertzian Waves
  • Microwave Energy, Static Charge, Cell and Wifi Signals
  • Protection Against Electromagnetic Waves
  • Telluric Currents and Cosmic Waves
  • Radioactivity

Part 4

This module covers different aspects of assessing a location! This includes learning about waveforms and stone circles, which are very powerful remedies. The module also looks at how to introduce circulation, harmony and positive frequencies into a living space.

  • Assessing a Location 
  • Memories Embedded in Walls 
  • Cleansing Your Energy of Heavy Frequencies  
  • Balance and Harmony Through Feng Shui 

Continuing Education

After this basic training in geobiology, we will move on to the “Continuing Education Level”, with covers a series of topics that will allow you to continue improving your knowledge of geobiology and feng shui.

Improving your living space means improving your life…

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You can create a group of 10 people and the Training will take place

Geobiology class can be given in French or English

This training in Geobiology
and Feng Shui is simply
exciting!. It’s fascinating to
see how physical and
energy world can be
connected. Everyone
should take the time to
harmonize their living

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