I have been offering consultations for over 15 years. Eight years ago, new projects in my life brought me to Costa Rica and since then I have been working from this beautiful country. My consultations, for the most part, are done remotely.
I work with corporate clients, I support therapists and I also closely follow special cases. I am passionate about what I do. What matters most to me is supporting people and helping them live up to their full potential. Sessions with the Lecher antenna make it possible to get to the root of the problem and bring awareness of any imbalances that may exist in one’s life, which can be adjusted. We all have things we want to accomplish and I would be happy to help guide you to achieve your goals.
It would also be a pleasure to meet you during my training and webinars.
I may also recommend therapists and/or specialists that I know personally and have worked with for several years . They are all very qualified in their individual field of expertise. They work with couples, families, children, and for specific projects. I deeply believe in a global approach and that by combining the strength of multiple practitioners, both on the physical and energetic planes, we can advance exponentially through a healing process. Each of these trusted therapists and specialists will be happy to work with you, support you and help you discover a new way of looking at life.
Annie Carbonneau Formatrice Antenne de Lecher à Sherbrooke

Authorized professor – Christine Lessard

The Lecher Antenna allows you to make a conscious approach to bring you to love and appreciate daily life. It releases the badly managed emotions of our past, which are often the cause of physical and psychological pain, it thus supports the process of self-healing.

Sherbrooke 819-574-5830
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Authorized professor – Christine Lessard

Since 2007, thanks to the antenna, I have the joy of helping more people around me and lightening their experiences, allowing them to orient themselves in their lives, in order to find their happiness and their zest for life. I will be present in the training with each passage of Christine, pleasure!

Sherbrooke 819-820-2058
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Authorized professor – Christine Lessard

In 2006 I discovered the Lécher antenna and I am amazed at the benefits it provides. It is a very precious tool that allows us to find the causes of our imbalances, our injuries, and thus, give us the KEYS essential to healing.

Beauce and Quebec

The therapists and specialists that I refer are very experienced in their fields; whether it be for couples, families, children, projects, etc. Our working relationships go back many years. I deeply believe in a global approch. By combining the strengh of multiple practioners, both physical and energetic, we can advance exponentially through a healing process. They will gladly accompany you and open you up to seeing a new way of life!

Antenna Therapists


  • Gilles-Olivier Deslauriers : (Granby) Posturologue  450-991-6163
  • Isabelle Nadeau : (Ascot) Thérapie avec chevaux (Centre Esperenza) 819-572-8282
  • Ingrid Payet: (Sherb) Accompag naissance et harmonisation antenne 819-703-0504
  • Valerie Bertelette : (Gramby) Homéopathe et soins d’harmonisation 450-372-7650
  • Chantal Parent : (Sherb) Herboriste  819-640-0674 ou [email protected]
  • Yves Côté : (St-Élie) Ramencheur 819-565-7436
  • Roxane Archambault : (St-Hyacinthe) Osthéopathe 450-656-8929
  • Lucie Léger : (Montréal) kinésithérapeuthe 514-244-6779, lucieleger
  • Jeen Kirween : (Sherb) Accompagnatrice -thérapie privé (Sage femme) 819-212-5054
  • Céline Boutin : (Sherbrooke) Reiki et Traitement énergétique 819-829-9586
  • Michel Kamiski : (Montréal) Docteur, Homéopathe, Osthéopathe  514-278-3921
  • Nelson Labbé : (Granby) Iridologue, Naturothérapeuthe 450-375-1745
  • Caroline Rivard : (Laurentide) Canalisation – Thérapeuthe énergétique 819-437-9669
  • Denise Dextraze : (Granby) Astrologue et Numérologue 450-372-9284
  • Diane Girard : (Sherbrooke) Sourcier 819-872-3394
  • Carole Trottier : (Ascot) Plan de Géobiologie 819-678-3339