Online workshop - The power of the Brain

Workshop “The Power of the Brain”


  • Loss of focus
  • Demotivation
  • Sight loss and headache
  • Mental exhaustion …

“If you want to develop your brain, you clearly need to try more new things. If you never tried new things, nothing would ever change.

Objective of this online workshop:

We will explore different tools and exercises to help your brain regain its strength and to stimulate your entire neural universe.

Workshop description:

This workshop will involve looking at how you can promote higher brain function and give your brain what it needs to better CONCENTRATE, ENGAGE and CREATE. To a great extent, your thoughts create your world.

Why is it so important to understand the brain? Because the brain is the organ responsible for perception, thinking and action. It is what makes it possible to give MEANING and DIRECTION to your existence. Also, the brain is essentially your body’s conductor. It controls everything, including itself.

Your brain is capable of extraordinary things… It has the ability to change the world—and your world—based on the positive experiences you allow it to have. These experiences can involve relationships, learning, creativity, exploration and emotional development, among other things. You have already experienced so much. You only need to reactivate your memories for your beautiful field of neurons to burst into bloom once again.

1-Forms of Intelligence

2-The Power of the Right Brain

3-Emotional Intelligence

4-Nourishing your Brain

5-Higher Consciousness

If you don’t experience anything new, nothing will change. If you want to evolve your brain, allow it to experiment more.

Online workshop - The Power of the Brain

The power of the brain

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Online workshop

In this workshop I have
learned to use my brain
differently, wich gave me
a lot more ability to create!
Thank you for sharing your

Johanne, business owner