Costa Rica


You have every reason to take some time for yourself on the shores of Costa Rica! Re-energize and get in touch with yourself during a full week of natural health care, yoga and meditation. Enjoy the benefits of a health check, energy therapies and a nutrition plan!

Under the guidance of alternative and holistic health specialists, your eight-day stay will revitalize your body and bring a range of related benefits. We will have an opportunity to assess your overall health and develop an action plan to help you achieve balance. This “Pura Vida”trip will give you the time you need to properly reflect on yourself, while enjoying the beaches and splendour of Costa Rica.

This retreat aims to REVITALIZE YOU and restore your sense of balance.

The Uvita region, where I have been living for more than eight years, is located on the country’s Pacific Coast. It features stunning mountains and virgin forests. This magical place, with diverse tropical flora and fauna, is home to a powerful area of energy that attracts whales and dolphins. The high-quality accommodations are located just minutes from the sea!

Every day we go further in your regeneration and your awareness … And the LOVE of the group !


  • Fully equipped luxurious accommodations
  • Airport transfers (if you take the organized transport for the group)
  • Transportation to activities
  • Health workshops (health check-up, Quantic workshop and different natural thérapies, plants medecine)
  • Healthy meals 
  • Custom detox recipes
  • Two Nature activities/tours; choose from the following:
    • Manuel Antonio National Park, which offers hiking, wildlife, beaches
    • The splendid whale tail beach, which features whales
    • Mangrove boat tour
    • The magnificent Waterfall

*Not included: Flight ticket and optional extra treatments

Additional options that can be added (costs vary according to your needs)

  • Regenerative care
  • Medicinal plant therapy
  • Massage—Acupuncture

Healthy health requires a plan and awareness of your life on different level… We will go on level much higher than we can imagine.


Travel to Costa Rica

$ US


This trip really freed me
from my past. I have
learned a lot about
myself and I left with a
clear plan of action to
continue at home. I felt
supported in my
transformation and I
already see results on
my health. I loved it so

Carole, retired