Everything that surrounds us is vibrational and all matter emits a measurable vibration, equivalent to a wavelength.

The science of the Lecher Antenna allows us to understand wavelengths and restore them harmoniously. There exists a border between our conscious and our subconscious mind that perceives things that we are not aware of. Dowsing is able to create a link between these two universes with the use of resonance instruments.

It is from the awareness of the heart that all things are balanced and harmonized. The Lecher antenna is a very precise dowsing perception tool that is used in alternative medicine, research, geo-biology and Feng Shui. In 1890 German physicist Ernst Lecher demonstrated the principle of the measurement of vibration by moving a cursor on a conductive loop (now known as the “Lecher loop”). When the antenna meets the desired wavelength, that is to say the wave motion emitted by the subject, it vibrates and creates a downward movement, confirming the presence of the vibration. This allows us to measure the different electromagnetic fields of a multitude of subjects.

Working with the Antenna will allow you to change your lifeline, propel yourself to a new frequency and a new light will open up on your life’s path.

For over 15 years I have been teaching people from many different professions, including the precious job of motherhood. Whether you are a therapist, teacher, coach, entrepreneur, human resources manager, psychologist, designer, landscaper, herbalist, … this tool will be a wonderful addition to your work.
The Lecher Antenna will allow you to tame and develop your intuition and discernment. The human body is a great science in itself and the Lecher Antenna helps us to study one of it’s facets, it’s resonance.

Work with the Antenna is aimed at:

Those who choose to bring more awareness to their health

Those who want to learn about energies and vibrations

Those who wish to create a bridge between their mind and their heart

Those who long to know their strengths and inner light

Those who want to help their children and family personnally

Those who choose to help their animals

Those who would like to cleanse and harmonize their living space