Lecher Antenna formation Level Two

Lecher Antenna Level 2

The Level 2 Lecher antenna course focuses entirely on the human aspect. It covers more advanced concepts, including meridians, life paths and the amazing powers of the brain. I will also provide you with tools for balancing emotions and ideas, which often cause imbalances.

Part 1

  • Qi: Overloaded or Weakened Meridians
  • Positive and Negative Vibrations Crossing the Meridians
  • The Five Elements of Chinese Medicine + Yin and Yang
  • Interactions with the Organs
  • Solving Problems Through the Meridians
  • Becoming Rooted and Invigorated Through the Meridians
  • The Meridians of Your Home

We Will Use a Range of Tools:

  • Magnets
  • Frequencies Detected with the Lecher Antenna
  • Visualization Techniques
  • Crystals

This module deepens your understanding of many important facets of the meridians and their outstanding ability to solve problems in your life. Our bodies speak to us and we need to learn how to listen to them. We will open our consciousness to the different forms of energy that circulate in our bodies and, by extension, in our lives.

Part 2

  • Understanding Our Life Paths
  • Our Origins
  • Better Understanding the Hara Line
  • The Impact of Our Arrival on Earth
  • Fears and Wounds Affecting Our Life Paths
  • The Tornado of Life
  • The Survival Instinct
  • The Stories Embedded in Our Brains
  • The Rhythm of Our Lives
  • The Rhythm of Our Lives

This module covers several tools that can help firmly place you back on your life path. It will emphasize the importance of staying on your life path, in all of your light. All of your experiences are equally precious, and you must learn to obtain the greatest possible benefit from each one.

Part 3

  • Children and Their Brains
  • How the Areas of the Brain Work
  • The Power of the Right Brain
  • Nutrition and the Brain
  • Eight Forms of Intelligence
  • Optimizing Brain Function
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Intuitive Intelligence

This module looks at manifestations of intuition and of communication between brains among children as well as among adults like us. This course is full of exercises to further develop your inner power and your brain function. The antenna is a wonderful tool for freeing up brain connections and for clearing blockages that prevent you from reaching your full potential. You will also learn how to properly nourish your brain and take stock of your needs.

Part 4

  • Practical Examples and Client Case Studies
  • Establishing Harmonization Protocols
  • Discovering Your Power and the Easiest Path for You
  • A Wide Range of Tools for Helping People (bach flower remedies, crystals, waveforms, stone circles, water programming, etc.)
  • Working on Animals
  • Working with Other Alternative Health Practitioners

This module applies all the knowledge acquired in the Level 1 and 2 Lecher antenna courses. All knowledge is valuable, but by bringing all these concepts together we can find the root cause of various problems. We will open our consciousness to the beautiful matrix that surrounds us, to the forms of energy that circulate within and around our bodies… Everyone can vibrate at the same frequency of light!.

Course Design

This course represents another major step toward self-knowledge… We need to develop our inner strength so we can complete the major stages of life while helping to purify the Earth! We are beings of light, seeking to remember…

Saturday – Sunday, November 20 -21, 2021  ”Meridiens – Bio-Energy”

This Class is given on 3 weekends and in FRENCH. You need to accumulate your 3 weekends to have your certification.

This training is filled with
very practical and creative
tools, wich will help me to
guide a multitude of people
in their process.

Sophie, Therapist