Geobiology Faults

Faults have a negative influence on inhabitants of a house, especially when the fault is located under a bed or a work space. Faults can be responsible for illnesses that affect the lungs and the respiratory system.
Infact, these breaks in the ground emit electro-telluric currents, radioactive gases (mainly Radon) and emanations coming from the telluric networks Hartmann, Curry … The magnetic field of the location can also be affected by the presence of faults, however it can easily be restored in Geobiology.


Radon is a colourless and odourless radioactive gas that is naturally present in our environment. It derives from the natural radioactivity of uranium. Decomposing Radon causes radioactivity called alpha, which is twenty times more dangerous than gamma rays.
This gas is particularly present in ancient rocks like granite, gneiss, shale, basalt and porphyry, its paramagnetic soils act like magnets. These rocks therefore, have a high electromagnetic concentration and produce radon.
It uses faults, cracks or pipes to rise to the surface. It has the capacity to dissolve in water and in sedimentary rocks such as limestone, chalk, sandstone…, becoming concentrated and provoking a new emission when there is an upheaval with the ground, like digging.
Many specialists attribute carcinogenic properties to this gas (lung, thyroid, leukaemia or lymphosarcoma). Radon often takes advantage of terrestrial disturbances to rise to the surface … therefore it can affect the health quality in our homes. Radon detectors are becoming more and more popular for this reason.
Health Canada and the Canadian Housing Corporation have produced a brochure called RADON – Get information about Radon detectors too.

Underground Water

Underground water currents and groundwater beneath a house can cause residents to experience various types of discomfort: rheumatism, arthritis and joint pain, insomnia, chronic fatigue, etc. This is why one should avoid having water under a bedroom. Stagnant water is also harmful, because the poor quality of the water can cause emissions in the living space. There are several techniques in geobiology to cancel the harmful influences that underground water causes.
Underground water currents create a magnetic field, which influences our own human magnetic.
It is important to free our living space of all magnetic fields caused by water in order to ensure good quality sleep and increased energy in our living space.

Earth networks

The Earth’s surface is covered by a grid of networks, the radiation of which is not always favourable to health. Let us look, for instance, at the Hartmann and Curry grids, if they are disrupted they can affect one’s wellbeing, particularly if the disturbance occurs under a bed or home office. Other telluric networks, on the other hand, can be very beneficial:  these are known as the sacred networks (ley and sacred lines) and are found in places where churches, Buddhist temples, mosques, pyramids and the temples of Egypt, etc are built.
The ancient ones had perfect mastery of these telluric energies, a knowledge which has been lost and which we are trying to find again through Geobiology.

Cosmic energy

We are constantly subjected to cosmic rays, which come, for the most part,  from the sun, moon and various planets and constellations. Lunar radiation differs from solar radiation and maintains the common cycles of 28 to 30 days. It effects water also, like the familiar tidal phenomenon.
Lunar rays differ from solar rays. Moon cycles are from 28 to 30 days and influence water. The moon does not only affect the tides, it influences all water molecules, be it groundwater currents or human cells, as we are made up of 75% water.
It is important to have good cosmic emmision at our homes. However, certain building materials such as fiberglass and polystyrene foam prevent cosmic rays from penetrating. Cosmic and telluric radiation are particularly measurable with dowsing.
The vibrational levels of places, homes and people are determined by the Bovis Scale. For optimal health, the vibrational level of your home should be in balance with your vibration.

Electromagnetic pollution

Electromagnetic pollution is not only in houses located near power lines, but also in administrative offices with overloaded electrical installations.
These conditions result in the creation of wondering fields that spread throughout the living space. If a person sleeps in an area with an electrical field greater than 5 Volts per metre and a magnetic field higher than 1 Milligauss, their central nervous system will likely be affected and multiple symptoms will ensue.
An even more insidious threat comes from cellphones, computers, televisions, radio waves and microwaves. The lack of awareness on the damage caused by these waves is unfortunate because basic precautions can be taken, for example, anti-wave shields for mobile phones and laptops, isolated cables, avoiding sockets at the head of the bed, installing field breakers that regulate night time electric supply in bedrooms to 12 Volts.
Electromagnetic fields can be cause a number of health related issues.
Unlike an electrical field, a magnetic field will disappear when the device is turned off. However, magnetic fields are not stopped by walls, floors or ceilings. Their decrease is proportional to the square of their distance. In fact, these artificial electric and magnetic fields will resonate with our cells and organs., causing various problems.

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