Antenna Level 1 Discover Yourself in this Intuitive World

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Discover Yourself in this Intuitive World

6 days of training with Christine Lessard, which will be separated into 3 weekends.  Learn to develop your senses at all levels. This very precise dowsing tool will attune you to your feelings.

This Teaching is open to all those who wish to walk and discover the energetic force that we are.

Date  : 3 weekends 8h30 to 15h30  (Québec hours)

Sat-Sun : 11 – 12 Sept | 25 – 26 Sept | 9 – 10 Oct  2021  (Class in FRENCH)

Included: Zoom workshop, PDF material and coaching videos

The Level 1 will be devoted to learning different aspects concerning your entire physical body and your energy bodies, as well as your place in life. Becoming aware of what affects you in your life will allow you to eliminate the root cause.

Important: The antenna training level 1, is a PREREQUISITE for the antenna training level level 2, level 3 and level 4.

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