Définition de l'amour véritable

The power of Love

These days, the concept of love seems to mean something different than it did 30 years ago. Compared to previous generations, we clearly view our love lives differently. We are living through what could be described as a veritable “romantic revolution”, which is reshaping our values and our behaviour.

Lovers no longer pen letters or poems to conquer the heart of the object of their desires. Bouquets of flowers and heartfelt notes have lost their popularity… “In the past, courting a young woman could take months or even years. Today, a few hours of flirting is enough to satisfy our often passing fancies!”

It has become more difficult for young couples to build on the fruits of a truly loving relationship, as opposed to a partnership based on emotional and financial needs. The costs of living can create significant demands on a couple and stressful topics come up too often. The home becomes a place to release the built-up pressure.

We need to rebuild society on the basis of much stronger values of love! Love is fluid and wants to circulate… In order to maintain the flow of living love, we need to find a balance between our love of ourselves and our ability to love others!

Is love something you need to learn more about? In childhood, were you given the tools you needed to be a lover and to believe in love?

In Finnish schools, students are required to take empathy classes until age 16. This foundation of love has an impact on all beings.

Discover what solutions are available before you find yourself in a dead-end situation. Receiving coaching is one of these solutions.

Among the coaching options available to you, here are some recommended workshops:

  • Love
  • Your Best Self
  • Life Balance