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The Power of the Brain

The Power of the Brain


For your brain to function well, it has to enjoy the experience. However difficult it might be, you have to provide your brain with everything it needs to believe that it is on the path toward its greatest adventure…

Our system forces us to respond to stress and pressure, both of which can be detrimental to the nervous system and the flow of emotions. As you progressively free yourself from stress and release your emotions, you will increasingly unleash the power of your brain, however stormy your life may become.

You must learn to gain better self-control and self-knowledge. When life moves too fast, some people need to change gears and slow things down. Other need to find a different means of escape, like participating in sports.

How does the limbic brain process information

Think of your brain as a multi-storey building. Information enters on the ground floor, in the reptilian (instinctive) brain. If the body lacks nourishment, the information will be slow to move upstairs, or even become trapped in the reptilian brain. However, if the survival of the organism is not threatened, the information will reach the next floor: the limbic (emotional) brain. There, it will be assessed and labelled as either pleasant or unpleasant. Pleasant information is sent to the cerebral cortex, where you can finally discover the (pleasant) solution to your problem. But if the information is unpleasant, the limbic brain will not allow it to reach the cerebral cortex…

The key to getting from the limbic brain to the cerebral cortex lies in the ratio of positive thoughts to negative thoughts. Hence the importance of fostering positive thoughts and mental attitudes…

Your Brain’s Primary Needs

  • Presence: Remain fully centred, like an Olympic athlete visualizing their routine, their movements and their goals.
  • Free Spirit: Identify the distractions in your life. Become an expert in concentration rather than distraction. A bogged-down mind will always be unproductive.
  • Balancing the Two Sides of Your Brain: Classroom learning equips us to properly control the power of the left side of the brain (thinking). The school of life teaches us how to use the right side of the brain (intuition). Harnessing the full power of the brain involves learning to balance the two sides. This can take some time, lots of practice and good coaching.

If you want to improve and develop your brain, you clearly need more life experience. Not making any changes will make development impossible. To help you develop, I offer the following workshops:

  • Brain
  • Regeneration
  • Life Balance