Blog les nouveaux enfants

New Children

New children arrive to bring changes to the existing structure of our society. We live in a society that wants to solve issues as quickly as possible and to control things without seeking to understand the root of the problem. They belong the generation following the indigo children, who seek to open the world to greater consciousness.

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Regenerescence santé


  Human beings love the comfort provided by a familiar environment. Change, even necessary change, triggers resistance mechanisms. You need humility, resilience and self-confidence to calmly accept the changes needed for your development. You need to eliminate the sources of imbalance that become part of your life, year after year. Over time, we become increasingly aware, but we lose key pieces because of the accelerated pace of our lives. Six Key Elements for Achieving Balance 1- LET GO of the things you would like to change, and let the current of life take care of it all. Leave more space in your relationships in order to supply more oxygen. 2- Free yourself from the feeling of being TRAPPED in a job or in an undesirable situation. Give yourself the right to make changes! 3- Do not allow your thoughts become obsessive. These OBSESSIONS always fill a void that needs to be addressed. Take care of yourself, fill your brain with positive thoughts that are as strong and intense as the ones generated by your obsessions. Restore balance. 4- Complete your EXPERIENCES. Don’t leave behind unfinished business. Acknowledge what you have learned and then move on to the next stage of your life. 5- Reduce your PACE by slowing down your breathing, your thoughts, your emotions… HIBERNATE! Let go of all the energy that is weighing you down. Once a year, you need to take time to repair the pathways of your central nervous system and to reenergize your body. Similarly, in many Indigenous cultures, a sacred time is set aside each year for rituals. This helps ensure the regeneration and balance of the people. 6- ACCEPTANCE is key! To begin with, you need to accept what is present in your life in order to then lay out a new, positive life path. Illness is the result of imbalances that often remain unconscious, which means that the conscious brain cannot properly deal with them. For the same reason, the immune system cannot clearly identify the problem. We must constantly become more aware of what is good for you 1- Once you become conscious of something, it cannot be returned to your unconscious mind. 2- You must not allow unconscious thoughts to accumulate by closing your eyes and ignoring them. 3- Find the right path to healing by making peace with the story of your life. The conscious part of your brain can handle any possibility and it has the strength to heal all your imbalances… To keep it fully conscious, I offer three workshops to help you regenerate: Regeneration Your Best Self Brain Life Balance

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Your Best Self

“Those who believe that something is impossible should not stand in the way of those who are trying to achieve it!” Every one of our life experiences—whether we find it difficult or wonderful—moves us forward. First, you need to find the keys related to your experiences, in a healthy frequency. Then, you need to develop instructions that you can carefully follow in order to enhance your life.

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Life Balance

It is important for us to listen to this force that is rooted in our primitive instincts, and to determine whether we should act as an observer, a leader or a creator in relation to the processes that restore our balance.

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