Blog les nouveaux enfants

New Children

New children arrive to bring changes to the existing structure of our society. We live in a society that wants to solve issues as quickly as possible and to control things without seeking to understand the root of the problem. They belong the generation following the indigo children, who seek to open the world to greater consciousness.

Regenerescence santé


  Human beings love the comfort provided by a familiar environment. Change, even necessary change, triggers resistance mechanisms. You need humility, resilience and self-confidence to calmly accept the changes needed for your development. You need to eliminate the sources of imbalance that become part of your life, year after year. Over time, we become increasingly …

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Your Best Self

“Those who believe that something is impossible should not stand in the way of those who are trying to achieve it!” Every one of our life experiences—whether we find it difficult or wonderful—moves us forward. First, you need to find the keys related to your experiences, in a healthy frequency. Then, you need to develop instructions that you can carefully follow in order to enhance your life.

Life Balance

It is important for us to listen to this force that is rooted in our primitive instincts, and to determine whether we should act as an observer, a leader or a creator in relation to the processes that restore our balance.

Définition de l'amour véritable

The power of Love

We need to rebuild society on the basis of much stronger values of love! Love is fluid and wants to circulate… In order to maintain the flow of living love, we need to find a balance between our love of ourselves and our ability to love others!

Blog la puissance du cerveau

The Power of the Brain

For your brain to function well, it has to enjoy the experience. However difficult it might be, you have to provide your brain with everything it needs to believe that it is on the path toward its greatest adventure…